Which South Coast?

May 05, 2019

It used to be fairly straightforward to know how we came upon the name “South Coast Improvement Company”. Being based on the South Coast of Massachusetts in Marion made that fairly obvious. In recent years with larger projects up and down the Atlantic, it’s quite clear South Coast goes far beyond the quaint town we call home here in Marion.

How far?

Presently, South Coast Improvement has new construction and renovation projects underway in 11 states from Maine to Florida. A recent string of project wins in the senior living niche illustrates the breadth of territory South Coast Improvement now covers. Those wins include:

  • Sunrise Senior Living – Stamford, Connecticut
  • 5 Star Quality Care – Yonkers, New York
  • Terrace at Mountain Creek – Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Brookdale Senior Living – Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Atria Senior Living – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Budgets for these projects range from $200-300K to $1.4 milliion to just under $9 million. All these projects are with repeat customers.
So, how does a company from the little town of Marion, Mass. manage multi-million dollar renovation projects up and down the east coast?

Very well, thank you.

South Coast Improvement opened a mid-Atlantic office in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2012. Eric Hancock, who used to work in our corporate headquarters, runs that office. Having this second location positioned us well for projects further south. With two offices, we have the resources and talent pool of staff and subcontractors so we can deliver the personnel needed to undertake projects up and down the east coast.

Yet navigating projects up and down the east coast goes beyond talent. As I’ve said many times, most general contractors can turn out a pretty good finished project. The big differentiator remains how easy are you, as a company on the whole, to work with? Do your subcontractors follow the same processes and act, essentially, as an extension of your company and sustain your processes?

Simply put, 85 percent of our current business is with repeat clients because we are easy to work with and our subs follow suit. So, when senior living clients like Atria, Brookdale and others have a renovation project at one of their properties, they know exactly what they are getting and who they are working with.

When you expand on that thought and realize our larger clients own and operate literally hundreds of senior living facilities across the country, it explains why they turn to South Coast Improvement for projects beyond the northeast. There has to be a return on investment with renovation projects, meaning the upgrade needs to attract new residents. When you have a known entity like our company, it’s difficult for these senior living facilities to look elsewhere. Particularly since we have a strong track record for renovation projects up and down the east coast.

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