South Coast Improvement, Co. completes work on 32 Custom House St. in Providence RI

Aug 26, 2016 | News

South Coast Improvement Company, a design-build general contractor serving New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, recently finished work on stylish new apartments in downtown Providence, RI. 32 Custom House Street is a historical building that now has new life and purpose.

The building originated in the 1800s, and now the 5 floor building features 11 luxury apartments and a retail space on the first floor. The transformation was truly a spectacle, as the team at South Coast Improvement Company began with a completed gutted building having been damaged by a fire. Everything from full MEP finishes to HVAC needed to be impressive and high quality- without exceeding what most would consider a tight budget.

In addition to the challenges that tight budgets pose, South Coast Improvement Company was also restricted by many guiding requirements that keep the building up to historical society standards.
In just 9 months the dream was made reality, and you would never have guessed that South Coast Improvement Company had limitations and restrictions along the road. November 2015 the team began their work. Now stands a beautiful apartment building with a future as exciting as its past.

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