Gardner Terrace 1
46 Pine ST |
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Total Project Cost: $23,000

Gardner Terrace I is located near the center of Attleboro and is a former jewelry factory. It is a government-subsidized, low-income apartment complex for seniors and handicapped individuals made up of
92 one-bedroom apartments.

POAH has been working on this project since it bought the property in August 2020 and made some immediate repairs to the 122-year-old building.

We will be providing renovations and structural work in this fully occupied facility. After two years in preconstruction and overcoming unforeseen environmental issues, this project has received the go-ahead and has started. This $23,000,000 project features apartment renovations for all 92 units including all new apartment finishes. 

To the building, we will complete the installation of a state-of-the-art hybrid VRF system, new electric switchgear, a new elevator, and completely new envelope work, including new windows and siding. We will be removing the entire roof, and performing new structural work including roof structure, covering, and edging all while this facility remains completely occupied and functioning.

The POAH GT-1 Project represents the largest, most complex contract ever executed by South Coast Improvement Co.

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