Anything Is Possible

January 23, 2019

Like many New Englanders, I enjoyed watching the championship game as our beloved New England Patriots earned another trip to the Super Bowl. As someone who remembers the earlier days of the franchise’s history and even though they’ve enjoyed success for quite some time, it had me wondering:

How did the Patriots get here?

It’s still something older Pats fans can’t quite fathom. Yet when I think about it, I often reflect on this company’s ascent and wonder the same thing.

No, that’s not a proclamation of our company as the Patriots of GCs—though it’s something we surely aspire to. But I can see some of the parallels.

South Coast Improvement Company recently completed work on a medical marijuana dispensary in Brockton for Commonwealth Alternative Care. We started work over the summer and completed this month. It’s a project I could never have envisioned when we began the company back in 1997—a few years before the current Patriots run. Yet times and laws change and dispensaries for both medical and recreational are in high demand and we are positioned nicely for this market—even after one project.

How so, you might be wondering?

The build-out for the dispensary was very similar to the urgent care centers we’ve built for SouthCoast Health in southeastern Massachusetts and one in Rhode Island. Those projects had a very aggressive schedule, two to three months from start to finish. With many developers looking to get in the marijuana dispensary business while the iron is still hot, being able to build this type of facility in that short of time span makes us a player in this market.

So, you could say our work on the urgent care centers made it possible for us to be a player in in the marijuana dispensary arena. Much in the same way the work we did for SouthCoast Health and other healthcare providers led to the urgent cares. You could also say that work came as the result of renovation projects at assisted living and nursing home facilities, projects with a medical component and the added challenge of taking on an aggressive renovation project while minimizing impact to residents, staff and daily operations.

Each project led to the next niche or new thing. That’s because when you have the right process and people in place, anything is possible.

Our work process is something we implemented from day one and fortified with a strong leadership team and a commitment to a superior the customer experience. As the years have gone by, we continued to fine-tune our process and added team members who shared that commitment and were teachable. The end result has been we’ve been able to go after projects in up-and-coming niches because our process, talent and commitment to the customer experience minimizes—even eliminates—any learning curve that might exist.

Back in 1997, we might not have known there would be marijuana dispensaries or even urgent care centers as possible projects. Just like the Patriots couldn’t have known a sixth-round draft pick—Rex Burkhead—would score the winning touchdown in the most exciting championship game of this era. Yet much like the Patriots, we put the leadership and system in place so when new niches and new opportunities arise, we can be a player in those markets as the opportunities arise. Because…Anything is possible.

Go, Pats!

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