A Sunshine State of Mind

August 01, 2019

Why would anybody travel to Orlando in August? Other than families looking to visit Disney or Universal at a less crowded time, why would you? For South Coast Improvement, we had a very good reason: the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) conference and the Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA). 

South Coast Improvement exhibited at the FHCA conference, August 4-8. The FALA actually WAS at Universal from August 5-8. South Coast sponsored two breakout sessions during the conference: Attracting, Cultivating and Retaining Superhero Employees and First Do No Harm: Managing High-Risk Drugs in ALFs

So why the Sunshine State of Mind? As we talked about in a recent newsletter, South Coast has projects up and down the East Coast, from Maine to Florida. For example, we recently began a large renovation for one of our national clients with an assisted living facility in Fort Lauderdale. By exhibiting and being a sponsor at these two conferences, which target our sweet spot—occupied assisted living and healthcare—we have launched our campaign to develop a presence in the Florida market. 

Part of developing that presence is telling the story of how we actually got to the Sunshine State. 

South Coast Improvement Company has provided best-in-class occupied renovations to the Skilled Nursing and Senior Living market for more than 20 years, having executed more than 200 sensitive occupied renovations projects in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Communities up and down the East Coast. Our client base includes seven of the top 10 senior living providers in North America. Due to the quality of our work and the processes we employ, many of these clients asked us to expand our base beyond New England into the Mid-Atlantic and selected markets in the Midwest and South East–including Florida. 

The health care portion of our story reads very similarly. Renovations in an occupied senior living facility, particularly ones with memory units and other care units, bear many of the same characteristics of a renovation in a health care facility. It’s how South Coast has been able to thrive in that market, particularly the urgent care market. Over the past few years, South Coast has done six build-outs for SouthCoast Health’s UrgentCare Centers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Does that mean we’re abandoning our New England roots and headed south for early bird dinners? Not quite. 

As a company, we have always had a strong appetite for repeat business. Eighty-five percent of our current projects are from repeat customers. That happened from going the extra mile for our clients. Even when that extra mile meant miles and entering other states to best serve our clients. And that we will continue to do.

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