South Coast Improvement Completes Renovation Projects at Milton Academy

December 18, 2015

South Coast Improvement Company (SCI) completed renovation projects at Milton Academy, 170 Centre St. The projects took place at the Athletic and Convocation Center (ACC) and at the Robert Saltonstall Gymnasium (RGG).

The renovation at the ACC building entailed the conversion of a 750 s/f storage area into two changing areas and a shower room for home and visiting hockey teams. Each changing room included all new electrical, plumbing fixtures, and benches, and specialized flooring to absorb the impact of hockey skates.

The RGG renovation featured the conversion of three classrooms into two smaller classrooms and one fitness/yoga studio. The 1,700 s/f project included all new light fixtures, carpet finish flooring, new HVAC, and other amenities.

South Coast Improvement Company began the two projects over the summer and completed work in October. The two renovation projects cost a total of approximately $500,000.

“Over the years, we have done many projects similar to these two, most notably the locker rooms over at BC’s Conte Forum,” said Tom Quinlan, president of SCI. “We have a lot of experience with these kinds of projects.  Process is the key to projects like these where you have to coordinate with the day-to-day activities of staff and students. We consider a successful project to be one that looks great and causes minimal interruption to operations. We achieved that here at Milton Academy.”

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