LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries
110 Faunce Corner Rd. |
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Total Project Cost: $275,000

This project involved a conversion of the store from its current colonial look to the more modem, contemporary decor at newer La-Z-Boy locations.

This project was completed in two stages. Stage one of the renovation began in March 2016 on the left side of the store. A temporary wall was constructed to separate work zone from the other side of the building, where La-Z-Boy has remained opened. Once complete stage 2 began on the opposite side of the store which ended in May 2016.

The scope of the renovations features new walls, floors, carpeting, lighting, ceiling work and new paint. The previ­ous colors were white to fit the colonial theme. As you can see from the completed photos, the new more contem­porary look features orange, greens and browns.

Project Gallery