Custom House Apartments
32 Custom House Street |
Providence, RI
Total Project Cost: $1.7 Million

Historical Renovation

Built in 1875, this historic office building at 32 Custom House Street in downtown Providence was converted into 11 apartments, with street-level commercial space. The conversion of this early century office building was completed in 9 months. The project started as a gutted building with fire damage, and was all-inclusive from start to finish. Some of the items addressed included:

  • Historical restoration of exterior masonry
  • New fire escape construction
  • All new electrical service & fire alarm into space
  • All new HVAC system throughout

This project was based on a GMP contract.
Budget Value $2.1 Million
Actual Cost $1. 7 Million

The project converted to a stipulated sum after VE concepts were approved and 100% of all VE savings went back to the owner.

This building restoration was completed in full compliance with the Providence Historical Society. These standards tend to impact costs and create limitations, but the South Coast Improvement Team was able to bring this client’s dream to life and keep costs under budget!

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