Like Working in a Bubble

October 23, 2020

New England Patriots QB Cam Newton missed the recent game against the Chiefs due to Covid. Remarkably, he was the only one on the team who tested positive after three games against opposing teams. Even more remarkable has been the NHL and NBA seasons where players lived in a “bubble” for three months. This controlled approach to quarantining has reaped very good results, and both leagues have been able to finish their seasons without spread of the virus.

Renovations in occupied space don’t take place in a bubble.

Far from it. Those renovations take place among elderly and often vulnerable patients and residents. Since the start of the pandemic, you also have to consider staff among those who are vulnerable as well. So, when we take on an occupied space renovation, we need to create a bubble of our own.

That starts with a strict Covid protocol to enter this bubble. The bubble must also minimize other impacts to residents and staff—e.g. dust, noise, obstruction to walkways, etc. Over the course of more than two decades in business, we’ve been able to succeed time and time again in minimizing impacts and running a safe job site through close coordination with facility managers and staff.

There is a pretty big difference between our bubble and sports leagues. We do go home at night and come back the next day and must run the job site in the same safe manner. Always with the mission of making the experience of working with South Coast Improvement Company a positive one.

This analogy came to me recently after we hired a new site superintendent, Herby Gaston. He’s a good man and somebody we have wanted on our team for a while. Herby has never worked under our bubble before. Yet we would never have hired if we didn’t think he could manage a job site to South Coast Improvement Company standards. That includes creating our version of the “bubble” and sustaining it and enforcing Covid protocols.

You hear the term “new normal” quite often these days. For South Coast Improvement Company, running a safe job site has always been normal. That doesn’t change when we bring in a new player or when circumstances beyond anyone’s control—like a pandemic—occur. If anything, we get stronger and use the experience we have gained over the past two decades to devise a plan and execute it.

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